Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheap school supplies and I mean CHEAP!

I just noticed that Office Max has notebooks on sale this week for 1 cent ea. limit 3 also they have pencils for 10 cents for a 10 pack also limit 3. No min purchase req. Seems like you could give each kid a quarter and send them through the line to get their own school supplies. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Albies Treasure Chest

Yesterday, we did 10 trips thru the Albies check stands, Here is what we got:
36 cans of Pringles
10 jars Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
16 Bottles of All Laundry detergent 32 loads ea.
18 bottles of Wishbone dressing
10 1.5qt cartons of Breyers ice cream
30 pkgs. Lipton/Knorr rice and pasta Side dish
9 bags of Fresh Express Salad
2 jars Best Foods Mayo
18 jars Ragu Spag sauce
2 pkgs. Nature Valley granola clusters
3 bottles Dawn dish liquid
3 pkgs. Stayfree pads
4 pkgs. Carefree panty shields
1 pkg OB tampons

My OOP was $22.22 I also bought 15 TNT Sunday papers at Walmart to get many of these q's so that brings my OOP to $37.22 Still pretty good, I think.
I will be going back for more this week. I can't be done, I still have coupons! ROTFLOL!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Okay, a quick post because I am off to Walmart to buy some papers. The Sunday News tribune is only $1 at WM. I will buy at least 10 if they have them maybe more.....
There are tons of deals at Albies this week on Unilever products with the $15 OYNO wyb $30. You still have time to order coupons from if you are interested in any of these items. Deal goes thru 8/11
Here are a few, credit to Jeanettecoupons in Lakewood for putting this list together.

Here's what I see on the new sale so far. Tons of IP's through the big printable sites online. None of these prices reflect using doubles, just mq's and the catalina.
*Knorr side dishes, $1 each, use 1.00/3 mq in today's paper, after cats 3/.50
*Betty Crocker Warm Delights- 3/$5, use (3) .50/1 IP, after cat 3/1.00(same price for Chex Mix, Chex Mix 100 calorie packs, Betty Crocker frosting, all have .50/1 IPs)
*Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes- 3/$5, use .40/1 ip, after cat 3/1.30
*Hamburger/Tuna Helpers 3/$5, use (1) .75/1 IP, after cat 3/1.75
*Skippy PB- 3/$5, use (3) .50/1 in this week's paper, after cat 3/1.00
*Skippy PB Naturals- same as reg Skippy but get $1 onyo cat for every 2 you buy
*Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes, 2/$4, use (1) .75/2 ip, after cat 1.25/2
*Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $2/4, use .40/1 ip, after cat .60 each(there are also .50/2 ip's after cats 2/1.50)
*Nut Clusters, 2/$5, use $1/1 ip, after cat .25 each
*Pillsbury Cookie Dough, 2/$5, use $1/2 ip, after cat 2/1.50
*All detergent, 3.50 each, $1/1 mq in 8/2 paper, after cat .75 each
*Best Foods Mayo, 2/$5, use .60/2 mq, after cat 2/1.90
*Chex Mix Bars, 2/$5, use .60/1 ip, after cat 2/1.30
*General Mills cereals, $2/4, use ip's of various amounts, will work out to 2/$1 or better

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feminine Products Free or MM at Albies

Albies has J&J feminine products on sale this week for 2/$4. Also wyb $15 you get $5 OYNO. Printables available for Stayfree $1/1, Carefree .50/1, and O.B 1.50/1. on the HCW database. Buy 8 products and use up to 5 doublers, [3 from the reg weekly ad and 2 from the weekend ad both should be available at the store]. If you have 2 computers to print from, here is one senerio 4 stayfree, 2 carefree, and 2 OB = $16-8.00(man q)-4.50 doublers= Pay $2.50 OOP Get $5 OYNO I love it. This deal lasts until 8/4.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Up Coming Deals at Albies

I got a cat promo today for Kraft foods Buy $25 and get $5 OYNO and a MIR for $20 besides. This deal runs 8/7 -8/23 so order your coupons now! Here is the list of participating products.

There is currently 2 or 3 Unilever cats running and some of the products overlap to be money makers with q's. Dove body wash and shampoo, Vasiline clinical therapy lotion, and q-tips are some of the products. The body wash and the vasiline have printable qs. Check the data base at, with the doublers this week they are pretty much free, just pay the tax.

I also got a promo ad for a $5 OYNO wyb $20 of Proctor & gamble products, starts 8/2 runs thru 8/11. There should be a P&G coupon insert in the paper this week. So that should combine for some good deals also.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Epic saving event continues

I found out today the tuna deal at Albies goes through the 12th of July for sure. If, and it is a big IF, they can get some more from the warehouse, we should have no problem stocking up for the next year at least!
Also, the Taco Bell taco shells with the 50 cent peelies mentioned in the previous post are out there. They come in every few days so keep checking back if the shelves are empty. They are free when you buy 10 with peelies. This will also go until mid to late July.

Today, Hope found a catalina coupon for a free 6 oz. Dreyers ice cream so I will call tomorrow to see what triggered it, maybe I can find a way to get some more!!! She enjoyed her mint chocolate chip treat!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Free tree top juice and more

There is a printable coupon for $1/2 tree top products. The 3 pack of juice boxes are $1 ea this week at Albies and there are 2 double coupons in the weekly ad. So, print two coupons and go get 4 three packs juice boxes. Here is the link, I hope it works!

Also, I got 4 chinet products for $1 yesterday. I bought 2 pkgs of 36 lunch plates and 2 pkgs of 10 Hot Insulated Cups with lids both products were on sale for 2.50 used B1G1 * 2 and 1/1 *2 and doubler *2 = 10.00-5.00-2.00-2.00=1.00 plus tax of .74. I've been wanting those cups for awhile but waiting for a good deal, 2.5 cents each is a good deal, I think!

Rumor has it there will be 3 doublers in the weekend flyer, I'll be getting some cereal and eggs then.

Mac n cheese cups are on sale for $1 and save $5 wyb 10, there are tearpads of 55/2 qs in the aisle, use 5 and 2 doublers for an oop of 1.15 for 10. With three doublers this weekend it will be 10 for .60.